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Our Story

Drew and Asia

When you shop at Defined Thread, you are doing more than buying a cozy sweater or a kick ass pair of boots. You’re supporting a small business, run by a hardworking hometown girl with dreams larger than life. I’ve wanted to start an online shop since I was a junior in high school. In 2018, as a junior in college now, I decided to take the plunge. Gone are the days of working to make other people’s dreams come true; it is time to wholeheartedly believe in myself. I was raised by a single mom most of my life and grew up watching her work up to three jobs at once sometimes and my dad is a gambler, so I guess the hustle is just in my blood. I’ve watched and absorbed fighting qualities and Defined Thread is what I am putting my blood, sweat, and tears into. I handpick everything in the shop and never sell anything I wouldn’t wear myself. As a girl who didn’t always have a lot of money and loves all things trendy, my goal is to bring you pieces that are quality at a great price. I don’t want to be the boutique selling you a $70 shirt and I promise I won’t. Growing up, we didn’t have it all but from outward appearance, you would have never known. I want to provide every girl and woman with the choice to look great without stressing out during check out.I hope you all love Defined Thread as much as I do. Thank you for sharing the journey. p.s. that handsome guy in the photo is my partner in life and this business. He handles all of the accounting for our shop and this would not be possible without his unending support.

- AsiaKai Dang